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Safeguard Workers from Dust with Effective Dust Control.

Use smart dust control systems from the industry leader - Dustless Technologies. Rely on the leading manufacturing of smart dust control vacuums, accessories and specialty tools to protect workers from harmful dust, avoid costly fines from the EPA, OSHA and NIOSH, and save time and money associated with the high costs associated with cleaning up dust on the job site.

Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuums
Choose from two Wet/Dry Vacuums from Dustless Technologies. A certified HEPA version, for EPA RRP and other work involving hazardous materials, and a regular Wet/Dry Vacuum for projects that don’t require you to meet government guidelines, but still give you excellent ability to capture extra fine dust. The HEPA vacuum is certified to meet the most stringent government standards. Both feature a 16 gallon canister and use the amazing WunderBag™ micro prefilter. The WunderBag helps protect the inner and outer filters of the Wet/Dry vacuum, and it helps significantly extend the life of the HEPA filter. It is a smart dust control system from the industry leader – Dustless Technologies.

Dustless® Certified HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum
Beginning in April, 2010, EPA regulations mandate the use of a certified HEPA vacuum and “point-of-origin” dust control system when performing renovation work on older buildings that have lead based paint. Renovation contractors must get certified to qualify for this type of work, and are looking for tools that help them meet the requirements. You can meet their needs with a variety of products from Dustless Technologies.
At the heart of the solution is a HEPA vacuum, but BE CAREFUL to NOT sell a traditional shop vacuum retrofitted with a HEPA filter because these are not certified to meet EPA guidelines. The retrofitted vacuums can cause a contractor to fail certification, be disqualified from a bid, or even get thrown off a job.

The Dustless HEPA Vacuum is certified to meet all government standards. Contractors like how they can extend the life of the HEPA filter by using an inexpensive WunderBag™. It captures the lion’s share of the dust, down to .5 microns, leaving the HEPA filter to capture only the smallest of particles, down to .3 microns. Smart dust control saves you money and does a better job of protecting you from dust in the air.

EPA on HEPA Vacuums
The EPA does not approve or disapprove any type of equipment. They set standards, and a piece of equipment can be “certified” to meet those standards. The standard that applies to EPA RRP regulations is IEST-RP-CC001.5, which ensures a minimum filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron. This standard is applied to HEPA filters, independent of the vacuum. It is recommended that you wear a respirator or dust mask when cutting or grinding concrete and other construction materials.

Dust Shrouds – Smart Dust Control
Dustless® Technologies offers several types of dust shrouds for smart dust control with hand grinders. The Dustie™ is the most economical dust collection solution. It features a flex-flange mounting collar that makes it very easy to mount on to all popular makes of hand grinders. Simply slip it in place and tighten a band clamp. The Dustie™ is made of flexible, lightweight plastic that permits the operator to work at a variety of angles while capturing 99% of the airborne dust. You can trim the front edge of a Dustie™ down with a pair of shears or ban saw and attach an optional cover plate to make a dust shroud suitable for decorative concrete cutting, tuck pointing and crack chasing. Dust collection is far superior to dust cleaning or dust removal because it captures the dust from grinding, sanding or sawing before it escapes into the air.

The next step up in dust shrouds is the DustBuddie®. The DustBuddie® is a very effective dust collection tool made of clear polycarbonate for improved visibility, and it features a brush skirt on the working edge that provides a cushioning affect for better operator control, smoother grinding and better dust collection. The DustBuddie® also features a removable front lip for grinding up against a wall.

The CutBuddie™ II is very similar to the DustBuddie® in construction, but has a cover plate so it can be used for crack chasing, decorative concrete cutting and tuck pointing.

We offer two sizes of BitBuddie™ – dust and slurry control shrouds for use with drills, core drills and percussion hammers. The 1-3/8” BitBuddie™ is ideal for cutting sink holes in stone countertops, or anywhere space is tight. The 4” BitBuddie™ can be used for any size of core drill bit up to 4” in diameter. The BitBuddie™ is ideal for capturing dust when dry drilling or slurry when wet drilling. Always wear some type of respiratory protection from dust in air.

Pro Series Industrial HEPA Vacuums From Dustless Technologies
• Save money by extending the life of your HEPA filter
• Go 10 times longer between filter cleaning intervals
• Extend HEPA filter life with Air-Bender™ technology
• Capture 98% of dust BEFORE it reaches the HEPA filter
• Shaker filter cleaning is quick/easy, and not required very often
• Stop guessing - a gauge tells you when to pulse clean
• Transport with ease – separate components are light weight
• Meet government standards with certified HEPA filters
• Clean HEPA filters without removing
• Go big with a 20 gallon dust collection canisters
• Go long with up to 100 foot hose (optional)
• Contain dust more effectively with plastic bags
• Reduce maintenance - NO solenoids!
• Extend motor life with tangental air bypass cooling
• Use a 120v circuit
• Use for two edgers or buffers simultaneously or a single belt sander
• Smart dust control from a smart company – Dustless Technologies

Floor Tool with Beater Bar to Meet EPA Guidelines
The EPA requires certified Lead Safe renovation and painting contractors use a floor tool with a beater bar attached to a certified HEPA vacuum to protect workers from dust. Dustless has an economical dust control solution for approximately $80 that is powered by the airflow from the HEPA vacuum.

HEPA Pack™ Backpack Vacuum
The HEPA Pack™ gives contractors a convenient way to move around a job site with a HEPA vacuum. The unit is carried over the shoulders and features an ergonomic harness that distributes the weight evenly for operator comfort. The vacuum has a 2.5 gallon capacity and weighs 11 lbs. Each vacuum comes with a metal hose featuring a pistol grip. A push-button lock system gives the user convenient control of the hose length from three to 5 feet in length.
The HEPA Pack™ features an unique filter cleaning system that allows the operator to clean the filter without opening the unit. The agitator rod is wiggled to knock dust off the disposable bag/filter. A reusable cloth filter covers the disposable filter for additional layer of filtration and protection for the main filter. The disposable filter bag is made of certified HEPA material designed to capture particles down to .3 micron.

Dust Recovery
Dust Recovery is dedicated to helping contractors and remodelers find a Dust Recovery to protect worker health, meet OSHA, EPA and NIOSH guidelines, and implement dustless systems to increase jobsite productivity. Dust Recovery products are made in the United States of America. Dust Recovery respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties.

Dust Recovery handles dust control accessories like the DustBuddie®, CutBuddie II™, Dustie®, BitBuddie™, ChipBuddie™ and Turbo Drywall Sander - all from Dustless® Technologies.